Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nightmare Asia! - January 2003, Hong Kong

Flying into Hong Kong always gets me excited. I love the place and drop in for a few days every time I travel out to Oz or NZ. The place has a massive atmosphere; it always smells of...something. It's usually just that 'Hong Kong smell', but every now and again it changes to something fantastic, and on rare occasions to something not too hot!!

As I was moving up the east coast of Asia, I thought I'd show that area of the map. Sorting out the coast and islands such as the Philippines was no real problem, but when confronted with the heavily populated areas of China it became a bit of a nightmare. I can't remember how many 'first' drafts of this area I went through, but I nearly gave up; especially when I realised that the whole of Asia would be similarly difficult to de-construct into underground form. The problem was the lack of natural barriers like the ocean that more or less corral the cities into logical lines. The Asian interior is just a jumble of places without any formal linear structure (no offence intended interior Asian folks). Just look at the sketch of eastern Asia:

After hours of frustration, it finally came together into a cohesive, believable format. Hallelujah, I was happy! Needless to say, the featured sketch isn't the final version (it's a mess), but it shows some of the difficulties involved.

The next step in my journey was the homeward stretch, but as I like Hong Kong so much I'll plug it a little more. The next part of the map was western Asia.

I'll be writing more soon.

This finished artwork from an Asian viewpoint

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